Date:  January 2, 2010

The website is built as another mechanism to inform people about Alcoholics Anonymous in the Southwest Alabama Area.  The website currently provides:

  • 1. Time and location of AA meetings in the Southwest Alabama Area.
  • 2. Service information in the form of a service events calendar.
  • 3. Information about AA in the Southwest Alabama area.
  • 4. General information about Alcoholics Anonymous.


  • 1. The Website Committee shall assure that the content adheres to the principles of the Twelve Traditions.
  • 2. In keeping with anonymity, no names will be published on the website. E-mail addresses will be general contact addresses. 
  • 3. No paid advertisements will be posted to the website. 
  • 4. The primary external links on the website will be to the General Service Office (GSO), the AA Grapevine, and the Alabama/Northwest Florida Area.  We also link to Google Web Tools and Adobe for directions to meetings, and some events may have registration or information websites that will link from the calendar.


  • 1. The service and events calendars will be maintained by the members of the Website Committee of the South West Alabama Intergroup. 
  • 2. The service calendar will contain service events within the Southwest Alabama Area.  Additional events can be added at the discretion of the Website Committee. 
  • 3. The events calendar will contain local-to-Southwest Alabama Area events. 
  • 4. Event flyers may be posted for the Azalea City Jamboree, the AL/NW FL Area Assembly and the AA Convention, with hyperlinks to the event flyer in the description of the event.  Entries on the calendar may refer to web pages where there is more information about a specific event, such as registration, etc. 
  • 5. Special Mobile Area Intergroup event descriptions will be added to the events calendar.

The Website Committee consists of five (5) members.   This committee was formed by the South West Alabama Intergroup by a motion, a second and a vote of the Group Intergroup Representatives on December 3, 2006.  The Website Committee is a standing committee of the South West Alabama Intergroup.  The committee will consist of a chairman and four other committee members.   The chairman is to be elected on the Second Sunday of September in odd numbered years for a term of two years and such term to begin on January 1 of the next even number year.  All committee members are suggested to have at least two (2) years continuous sobriety and an understanding of the Twelve Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous.  The Website Committee is responsible for creating policy for the website and for managing this website.  The Website Committee has three primary functions:

  • 1. Editorial:  responsible for general oversight and handling queries about what should be on the website when not covered by comments elsewhere in this policy. 
  • 2. Technical:  responsible for the day-to-day maintenance of the website, including modifying layout and content.  Major changes to layout and design will not happen without consulting the full Website Committee.  Paid technical consultants may be necessary for advanced programming of the website.  Hiring of technical consultants is subject to approval by voting members of the Mobile Area Intergroup. 
  • 3. The Website Committee will meet monthly at a regularly scheduled time and place.  All items to be placed on the website, additions, deletions, corrections, etc. are to be reviewed at this monthly meeting.  The majority decision of those Website Committee members in attendance constitutes approval.

The website and the website policy shall be reviewed on Central Office anniversary to ensure that the website continues to fulfill its mission of providing information about AA.  All members of the fellowship are encouraged to attend and participate in this meeting offering comments, suggestions, and criticism.  This review will include discussion of the current content and layout of the website, as well as plans for the future of the website (new features and capabilities).

The Website Committee has the authority to create new accounts for website access and for managing the site including the calendar and creating new e-mail addresses.  The Website Committee may remove access to anyone who no longer does website work with this committee. The revocation of the Website Committee Chair's access must be done through the Internet hosting provider via the Group Intergroup Representative's action at a regularly scheduled meeting of the Mobile Area Intergroup by motion, second and a majority vote in the affirmative.

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